• Compliance

    • Robust registration checks for all staff
    • Regular reviews & supervision for all staff
    • Enhanced DBS Checks for all Staff
    • All staff have a profile as evidence of compliance

At FirstCol we understand the importance of delivering fully compliant and staff who are ready to work.

To ensure we only engage the highest quality staff, we operate a strict and precise recruitment policy across all staffing sectors. Every member of staff holds a current Enhanced DBS check; these are conducted in-house by the Administration team. They are repeated and reviewed on an annual basis. Every staff member is thoroughly referenced including a reference from the most recent employer. We require a full work history from all our staff including satisfactory evidence and referencing to close any employment gaps. FirstCol will also carry out a check on all candidates with the immigrations office where we have a named contact. Current copies of passport, right to work and visas are kept on file for every member of staff.

All staff are interviewed by a member of senior management with relevant clinical experience and for doctors an additional qualified professional will be present to ensure suitability to work.
FirstCol ensures that all their staff are fit for work and should we have any concerns we automatically refer our staff to our contracted occupational health services for assessment. Relevant checks are made with GMC, NMC and HCPC on every occasion and annually after that to ensure registrations are maintained and kept up to date.
For doctors we can hold revalidation. We work alongside a responsible officer who can recommend on an individual’s fitness to practice. This will be held annually to ensure compliance.

In addition, all new staff go through profiling which enables us to ensure the staff member we are assigning to you meets your exact criteria and that they hold all the qualities, attributes and training you have requested. We audit our profiles regularly which ensures all our staff are compliant and hold the most up to date training available. Copies of profiles are made available to you.
In addition to our own rigorous checks, we hold a good CQC quality rating and have regular ad-hoc audits from NHS trusts and local authorities that we work with for their own quality systems.

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