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1. What are FirstCol's principles and how do they assure quality?

FirstCol’s principles are to deliver a service that ensures every client receives, convenience, and quality and at a reasonable cost. We achieve this by the quality of staff we provide to you. The high level of training every member of staff receives. Our rigorous recruitment procedures and checks. The speed in which we cover shifts 7 days a week 24hrs a day, all at reasonable prices which we constantly review to ensure they meet the needs of the current economic climate.

2. Is the agency registered with a governing body?

Yes the agency is registered with CQC and has received a 2 star ‘good’ rating for our service from them.

3. What checks are carried out on the agency?

The agency is checked and regulated by CQC ( www.cqc.org.uk ) we are bound by their requirements. Additionally we have been audited and approved by West Sussex County Council. We also welcome any clients, local authorities or trusts who may wish to conduct their own audit of our service either before or during a working relationship.

4. What are the arrangements if a member of your staff is sick or absent?

If in the unfortunate event a member of our staff is unable to attend work at the last minute due to sickness or another permitted reason, we will endeavour to get another member of staff to you as soon as reasonably possible. We will make every effort to ensure your shift is covered without any inconvenience to yourselves.

5. What are the procedures for cancelling the supply of a nurse?

Our cancellation procedure is clearly outlined in our Terms of Business which is provided to every client and is readily available upon request.

6. Under what circumstances may FirstCol cease to provide services?

It is extremely unlikely the agency would cease to provide services to any client and the circumstances would have to be extreme for this measure to be considered or executed. The reasons that this measure would be considered are outlined in our standard terms of business, available upon request.

7. How do I register as a client?

Please give us a call, send us an email and we will call you back or use the contact form on the website. We look forward to talking with you!

8. What checks are done on agency staff?

All FirstCol staff go through a stringent recruitment and vetting process. Every staff member is interviewed by a qualified professional in their field. All right to work checks are completed for every candidate without exception. Every successful applicant is CRB checked prior to them attending work with you, and also we required two satisfactory references to ensure suitability to the work place.

9. What training do your staff receive?

Every member of staff has all mandatory training, and many of our staff have supplementary training in order for them to become specialists in certain areas. Our training is provided in house by our sister company Safe Response Training so we can ensure every member of staff has the most up to date and quality training currently available

10. Do you employ staff from overseas?

Yes we employ staff from all over the world. As long as the staff member has the relevant qualifications and training along with the right to work, we employ staff from any continent.

11. What are FirstCol Payment Terms for Homecare clients?

Fees are payable weekly, in arrears and are due within 7 days of the presentation of the invoice.

12. Can we pay via Direct Debit?

Unfortunately we are unable to accept direct debits at this time however should you wish to set up a standing order for your accounts we will happily accommodate this.


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