• Any shift that starts after 1800 is paid at Night Rate.

• Any shift that starts after 0600 is paid at Day Rate.

• Any time worked on a Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holiday is paid respectively.

• Any handover time included at relative shift rate.

• If you are approached to take up a permanent role, you must notify the office.

• The above pay rates are a guide only and your actual pay rate may differ from those noted above depending on our contractual arrangements with our clients.

• Please ensure that you confirm your pay rate and grade of booking with your booking consultant at the time of accepting a shift.

• All time bands may be subject to change in order to comply with the Agency Workers Regulations.

• In situations where in order to comply with the Agency Workers Regulations holiday pay over and above the basic entitlement becomes due then this excess shall be regarded as being included in the quoted pay rate (and hence paid as rolled up holiday pay).

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